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We've been very vigilant in rousting spammers from TFL over the past couple of years, and have been very proactive in keeping them from ever making it onto the forums.

Generally they would take several forms, from in your face ads (generally for cell phones) or blocks of text full of links (generally clothing or shoes) to quite sneaky attempts to blend in with the crowd using hidden links, spam links in the signature lines, or listing a spam site as their home page in their profile.

Over the past couple of years we've gone from search and destroy of finding and banning spammers who slipped through the cracks to preventing them from registering in the first place.

IP blocking is one of the many tools and that we use.

Some months ago we established a few new protocols that have been very successful in keeping spammers, particularly spambots, from breaching the forums.

Since a few months before Christmas, we're running at what we believe is effectively a 100% prevention rate.

With a little bit of luck, the only spam you're ever going to see at TFL is a picture of the canned meat product.
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