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Use of sights

While I personally believe that sights should always be used if the situation permits, I have interpreted Jason Iowa's comments as not necessarily negating all use of sights in all circumstances, and would not be highly critical of his opinion.
It is not always possible to employ the sights. The NYPD SOP study published in 2010 noted:
"Utilizing a two‐handed grip, standing, and lining up a target using the firearm’s sights is the preferred method of discharging a firearm,
but it is not always practical during an adversarial conflict. Of officers reporting their shooting techniques, 62 percent gripped the firearm with two hands, 59 percent state that they were standing, and 31 percent stated that they were able to utilize the sights on their firearms." The report also noted that in shootings of dangerous animals only 9% used their sights.
Jim Cirillo may have always seen his sights but I'm sure we would all agree that his experiences and skills were very unusual.
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