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Hogs in SC typically inhabit some nasty, thick briars and thickets. They have some serious shields on those shoulders and can be tough hombres. If I'm sitting in a stand waiting on them to come to the corn, I just use a .243, 7mm08 or .308 and put it in the ear. Dead hog.

There have been numerous occasions where that wasn't possible. I shot a big 400lb boar 4 or 5 years ago with a 30'06 and 165grn BT at 65yds. He died but there was no exit and I didn't go looking for him until the next day. Ditch meat that took the buzzards and coyotes 2 weeks to decide to eat.

This one was killed Saturday with catch dogs and a knife. I didn't stick it, just drub it out through the briars. His shields were 1.75 - 2" thick. He cut up two dogs and had two other boars his size with him plus a sow. This one went 218 on the scale.

Shot this one two years ago on the next to last day of deer season. He was 110yds and wouldn't keep his head still for the noggin shot. I popped him in the shoulder at the spine. The 165grn BT from my .308 penetrated the shield and clipped his spine enough to do him in. His shields were 2-2.5" thick. A fellow wanted him and in dressing him we found 7 or 8 00 pellets and 2 .243 slugs in his hide. The 165 grn bullet was just on the far side of his spine. He weighed 253 on the camp scale, a warrior for sure.

The hide on these critters is a direct product of their environment. Take enough gun to do the job. However, if you get a chance to hunt with the dogs and knives, do it, it is a rush. Just do a little conditioning first and bring some clothes for those briars, they'll turn you into hamburger if you don't.
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