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We all go by our own personal experience and this is what informs our opinions to others on this forum. I would consider myself to be an experienced hog hunter in California's somewhat different hunting environment. More open country; longer shots sometimes and more hilly than the Texas hog country. I've killed hogs with everything from a bow to a muzzleloader, 45/70, .243, 22-250, 7mm mag, 30-06, .300 win mag etc. to the tune of hundreds of hogs. So I feel qualified to offer a couple of general observations.

The fighting plate will deflect lightly constructed bullets. Seen it and am a believer. Monolithic solids like the Barnes, or bonded core bullets like the Accubond are a great choice IN SMALLER CALIBERS (.30 cal or less). A head shot is risky for two reasons: one is that hogs don't turn their heads like deer. They turn their whole body instead which can make for pretty abrupt movements of the head. That can mean the difference between screwing it in their ear or bouncing it off their noggin. Again; seen it happen using enough gun and bullet. I have pictures of a big hog (208 lbs. gutted) shot angling into the plate using a 7mm mag/160 gr. Accubond which bounced off and then struck it behind the ear bouncing off again. The shot was at perhaps 50 yards.

Also; wounds to hogs tend to close up that on deer would bleed copiously, particularly smaller caliber wounds. The hide/fat closes the wound and there can often be no blood trail to speak of. I've broken both upper leg bones on a big hog; shot clean through and they've still taken off at 30 mph! Mostly 'though, it's one shot and the lights are out. My advice is to be prepared for the LARGEST hog you are likely to run into. Put it in the pocket behind the leg and make sure your skinning knife is sharp.

Oh yeah: invariably a wounded hog is headed for the thickest, nastiest piece of real estate around once he's hit.
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