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He hit that boar on the top of the scapula. Even without the shield, the scapula would have likely stopped the arrow.
Right, even deer hunters have this problem.

Yeah, that video is misrepresentative. That arrow did hit the scapula, backed up by the ribs and vertebrae right there. To claim that it was all shield is just bogus. Shield can and does cause some problems, but more often than not, such problems are the result of hunter issues and not performance issues, such as claims of rounds bouncing off various parts of the hog when in fact they are missed shots or bad shots.

Reminds me of this video where the claim is made that shots are bouncing off the head and the guy is just missing.

This guy does an interesting and flawed test, shooting two arrows through and claiming the heavier did better after the scapula was broken up by the previous arrow, though I don't doubt the heavier arrow would have done better regardless of location.
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