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MacNRA, welcome to TFL. But you've made a few blanket statements that are not always true. Seven addressed the revolver vs. semi-auto reliability issue, and I'd like to add that the average modern semi-auto has fewer parts than the average modern revolver.

Also, there are pros and cons to having a flashlight mounted on your weapon. But if it was always a terrible idea, why does almost every entry team in the world do it? I'm not saying we should all strive to be like a tactical entry team, but obviously there is some advantage to it in some situations or they wouldn't even bother. They're doing exactly what you described; they're going into a dark place where a bad guy is and they find flashlights on their weapons to be useful.

I find it interesting that you complain about bad information but then you make some blanket statements that help perpetuate this bad information. No, revolvers are NOT "much more reliable than ANY semi-auto"; this is a blanket statement that is not always true. Now, if you said, "the average revolver is more reliable than the average semi-auto" that would be a much better statement that would be much easier to defend. And as far as the lights; there are definitely some advantages to having a light mounted to your home defense weapon, provided you use it intelligently.
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