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The whole concept of shooting hogs gets literally beaten to death with scenarios flying every which way. I hunt and trap hogs almost on a daily basis and can honestly say you can kill them with most of the centerfire cartridges. You hit one in a vital spot and they are going to die...just about like every other animal out there. You might have a little tougher areas on the shoulders, but it's not actually armored. No magic involved here, just shoot any cartridge within reason. I shoot them with whatever I happen to take with me in the mornings and have used calibers as small as 25/20 for closer shots to a .350 Rem. Mag for shots somewhat further out. Larger cartridges do more damage and offer quicker kills sometimes....but like I said no magic here.
I have killed 369 hogs from just one parcel of property that I manage and can honestly say I have never seen an instance of being afraid of a hog. People that are injured by them are generally the guys using dogs and trying to get close to them..vs..just shooting the buggers.
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