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Mac, before you get yourself hip-deep in forum arguments, please consider that thousands of people have passed through here and had these arguments also. So you may have your 40 years of opinions, but you may have NEVER had an argument like the dozens of them you may run up against here if you go in to all your topics so fully anchored in your opinion that the opposition is going to be WRONG because you've already decided.

For example, your little soap-box on the revolver vs semi-auto debate.

Please keep in mind that we do this debate all the time. Sometimes, this debate is a snack before coffee, which is what we have before breakfast.

Me? I love revolvers, and have a bunch, and always looking for the next one. Yesterday, I put 397 rounds down range across four different revolvers to great effect! But my experience has shown me (VIVIDLY!) that although they don't stop too often, they do stop working sometimes and it's also been my experience that when they do stop working, it doesn't get rectified quickly or easily. Most semi-auto stoppages get cleared and the loud gun fire continues in less than two seconds. When a revolver stops, it sometimes needs a trip back home under bright light just to find out what the heck has gone haywire. And just for fun, and because it's a fact (anecdotal and no more than that), I also put 340 rounds down range yesterday across three semi-auto pistols. And those were flawless, with zero failures, just as the 397 rounds of revolver fun that I had. (yeah, it was a fun range day!)

So... as you adventure here through this fine forum, please remember that your 40 years of hands-on will be very helpful as you argue your side, but your lack of experience in arguing nonsense with other pigheaded gun cranks on a gun forum is going to get you buried under cheesy internet tactics (and some GOOD arguing tactics also) if you don't pursue a method of discussion that doesn't invite argument up front before any friendly discussion has even started.
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