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Hey, it's really cool to get a reply so soon! I have proven my statement about semi vs revolver statistically at least. I haven't been able to find my old research on the subject, but I compiled a bunch of data from the American Rifleman Dope Bag column back in the middle to late 1990's. I recorded failures noted in gun tests reported in that column, and the failures of semiautos were something like 200 vs less than a dozen for revolvers. If you can, look at the Dope Bag columns from that era and you will see what I mean.
Make no mistake, I will fight for our right to keep and bear semautos just as much as revolvers. They are also fun to shoot. I love the 1911A1 just as much as anybody. But, all semiautos have more moving parts than revolvers, and more ways to fail, especially the magazine, the weakest link in any semiauto.
As for the tactical flashlight, I have read comments about blinding the bad guy so he can't see where to shoot. Ahhh...think about that. How likely are you to get that light in his eyes before he lays down a volley in the general vicinity of the light? I hope all gun owners will think this one through. We don't need to lose any 2nd Amendment supporters this way. I'm surprised the NRA publications don't try to discourage such "tactics".
And finally, yes, I guess some parts of my post were outside the scope of the General Handgun category, but I'm brand-new to this forum. I will get with the program in time.
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