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My point is, everybody has their opinion as to what is called what, what works and what doesn't, and don't believe everything you read.
Revolvers are much more reliable than ANY semiauto pistol (An absolutely provable statement.) and finally, I will NEVER be so stupid as to attach a flashlight ("Tactical" or otherwise) to my firearm and then go into the dark place where the bad guy is hiding!!!
Have you proven this yourself? If not, you are believing what you read. Both of these points and your tactical comment have been the focal point of many a spirited debate on these forums. You'll find that a lot of people find semis more reliable than revolvers, flashlights useful, and "tactical" things kind of nifty. Many of those same people also have a really varied collection with guns on all ends of every spectrum. This forum is a bunch of firearms enthusiasts for the most part, not just your average gun owner.

This is also a little off topic for the General Handgun sub forum.
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