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Actually everyone needs more range time, sights or no sights.

I was at the indoor range yesterday. The guys there always stick me at the far end cause I do alot of drawing and that sometimes scares newbie shooters.

I came in with my carry Glock, swapped for my practice Glock, and used it for the whole thing.

Well next to me was a guy teaching three hot chicks (lucky me) and so I went through my repertory of speed shooting at 10 yards.

Target has 5 black bullseyes, each 4 inches in diameter. 95 percent of my shots from my Glock 26 were all in the bulls, even when transitioning from target to target.

Now the guy had same targets at 3 yards for the girls and all were doing awful, even at that range. So I shamelessly moved my target to 3 yards and hip shot the lower bull. All 9 rounds in the lower bull. I use the lower bull cause if I aim for the high ones the bullets will hit the ceiling and the owners of the range will not be amused.

Yes, no sights used at 3 yards. But then I would do one hip shot then raise to a 2 handed Isosceles and brain shoot the upper bull (with perfect placement at such range WITH MY SIGHTS.) All at speed. All with a Glock 26 with 3.5/NY-1 setup.

And at 7 yards, using just my right, I would draw and snap shoot one of the bulls (flash sight picture). A few landed outside the bulls but not many.

Ok... I have an ego, especially if hot chicks are around but the point is if you practice alot, and practice CORRECTLY, you will be able to shoot all kinds of ways.

But if you don't have that time, but can shot maybe once a month, learn to use sights as they will give you the hits.

If you don't shot but once a year... as apparently the girls at the range didn't, and the guy wasn't much better, then I guess point shooting would be their only option, and not a good one at that.

It's the fundamentals that count. Index and trigger control. And that has to be drilled and drilled to become second nature.

Do the fundamentals right, no fancy stuff, and you will do well. Point shooting is more of a secondary technique learn AFTER you master the fundamentals.

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