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I took a 90 pound sow with a .260 with 129 SSTs at about 65-70 yards with no problem. It was a Florida pig. If it had been a big boar, I might not have dropped it so fast. I read on a Texas outfitters sight that he recommends a .22/250 loaded with FMJs and push them as fast as you can. The shoulder blade on a boar acts like armor. Given your choices in rifles, I'd go with the .35, if you are comfortable taking 100-150 yard shots with it. You really can't go wrong with a 200 grain slug. Plus, if your .35 is a lever gun, you can get a quicker follow up shot than with a bolt action. I also would take into consideration where the hunt is going to be. What kind of cover there is. Are you going to be in a tree stand or on the ground? A wounded hog is nothing to fool with. They can and will kill you. Just my two cents, There are others here with way more hog hunting experience than me. I await their input.
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