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Hog Hunting

I am looking at doing some hog hunting this summer. I have never shot a hog and need some advice. I was doing some research on the internet, and soon came to the conclusion that there is some disagreement on what the best method is. Some say behind the ear, some say through the shoulders. So I am not sure what to think. If I go through the shoulders, what gun should I take? I currently have a 260 rem with 140 grain Accubonds; 35 Rem with 200 grain FTX or possibly some RCBS 35-200-FN cast; and a 7mm mag with 160 grain Accubonds. I am a bit recoil sensitive, so I shoot the 260 and the 35 better than the 7 mag.
Or....Should I plan on taking them behind the ear? I was talking with somebody from where I was thinking of going, and she said her husband recommends that people shoot for just behind the ear. I then ask her what the average range is. She said 100-150 yards. I am thinking, wait a minute, I am not sure I am that good. So you all have any advice for this greenhorn?!
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