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Marriage proposal no woman could possibly refuse

But she did. Why she did escapes me.

On the frontier, nothing was more certain than that she would receive proposals of marriage. An early suitor was an Indian named Oseola, who through an interpreter promised:

"She shall have the best corner of the lodge, and the dark squaw shall pack the wood and water, plant and hoe the corn; white squaw may ride by my side in the hunt, and the other shall carry the game, set the 'teepee,' and cook the food and hush the papoose, while white squaw eats with me." Refused, the gentleman philosophically 'begged a dollar to buy a new shirt,' and made off.
Nothing could be more romantic than what Oseola offered to her.

(Taken from the introduction of Dakota War Whoop by Harriet E. Bishop McConkey).
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