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I currently own Nikon Monachs, 3x9 and 4x12, a Viper PST 6x24 ffp, I can't see any real difference in the glass. The Vortex has better features, IMO. My eyes aren't what they were 40 yrs ago either.

It would not surprise me to find out that they all use the same glass.

The quality of scopes has improved a great deal since the '70's. I still have a Weaver K-6, I bought in 1976, and it as functional now as was then, but even my tired eyes can see the improvement in glass, in todays optics.

Nothing wrong with your rifle choice, although it wouldn't be my first, although it was my first centerfire magnum rifle, MDL 700 ADL, 7mag. I found it at a going out business sale at Gibson's dept store. It was sitting in a rack starting to rust. I got for about $100 including tax.

I think rifles have improved much since then. The best I was ever able to get was 1.5", five shot group, handloads and factory at 100yds. That was considered respectable back then. We all used to shoot five rd groups at that time.

The Vanguard,300WBY, that I bought my son in '07, surprised me with it's accuracy. The factory target is about .7". My son can shoot much closer to that than I can. Grr! It's not that easy to shoot a 300WBY consistently from the bench, at least for me. But my son, all 130lbs of him goes with it and has never flinched.

It's hard to really go wrong with any of the suggestions. Just find an optic with the features you want. They all have great warrantys these days. All of mentioned brands anyway.
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