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Something interesting to note. My dad stumbled across an uncut numbers matching 1942 Husky M38 online. He's an OTR driver so he calls me to go pick it up...

Not only is this thing pristine, but the throat isn't a mile long like the 1919 Gustav M96 I'm tinkering with. I went to chamber one of my loads with a 142 SMK seated WAY out there (3.200" oal) & the bolt wouldn't even begin to close on the round. Upon inspection it was clearly obvious the lands were striking the ogive. I tried one of my leftover Amax loads (3.150" oal) & the bolt would just close, but snugly. So the Huskies clearly have a shorter throat than the Gustavs.

I got some Hoppes copper solvent that says it's specifically made for removing copper fouling. I plugged the chamber poured a bit in & got to scrubbing after I let it soak about an hour. I don't know what this stuff is made of but a good whiff just about made me fall over! Bad thing is it looks like there's more copper in the barrel now! Looking in the muzzle atleast half of the lands & grooves are copper colored. I must be uncovering decades of neglected rifle bore here.

Midway had the bottom feeder Chrony on sale so I popped for one. Once the snow melts I'm going to go out with all the extra loads I have to see how consistant they are.

I still feel the rifle likes the Amax over the SMK but about the only heavier bullet I can find lately is the SMK. I ran across an article about duplicating the M41 load with SMKs & R22. I'll see how the 4350 load runs first & go from there.

Until next time!
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