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It's legal to have them in my state. Hunting with them is prohibited. Seems like a lot of trouble to go and get the local law enforcement to sign off on it. $200 and the price of a silencer makes it sort of expensive.

I have neighbors that don't like the noise of me shooting outside my house. One of them once threatened to "call the law". I yelled back not to bother, I would call them myself. So I did, and they sent an officer out and the officer informed me that I was doing nothing wrong or illegal and I could shoot anything I want to shoot outside as long as it was in a safe direction and that city folk move out to the country expecting it to be quiet but people shoot guns out here and it's their problem if they don't like to hear it.

I shoot rimfire and the occasional handgun in the front yard, louder guns I take out to the 60 acres of woods in the back of the property being semi-considerate of the neighbors. Noise is about a non-issue here. If it didn't cost me $200 to be able to own one, and getting the local police to sign off on it I would probably get one. Also none of my guns are threaded so I would have to get some gunsmith work done to be able to use it.
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