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Originally Posted by Justice06RR
Wyosmith also had excellent explanations of the McDonald's principle, which I can also relate it to the current Walmart Principle.
Yes he did. But unfortunately the Walmart and McDonald's business plan just won't work in an industry so heavily regulated like NFA items are. If we all want prices to go down, the best thing we can do is to petition our congresspeople to loosen the laws and allow the free market to have more influence like it does in the fast food business or the big box store business.

Unfortunately, Obama recently penned an Executive Action that asked the BATFE to make silencers even harder to get. The specific policies have been delayed for a while, but it's still driving prices even higher than they are now.

I agree that prices are too high. But Wyosmith just doesn't seem to understand that the McDonald's business plan doesn't work in an industry like this.

Originally Posted by Justice06RR
If they applied the McDonald's approach and sold them for say $200, there would be more interest in suppresors and more shooters will buy them.
There are already many companies selling silencers at very low price points; some as low as $200. But those companies are not doing very well at all. And that's because there's a very low to demand for cheap, inferior silencers when there's already a $200 tax and all the regulation involved with getting one.
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