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You have 6 pages of people responding with the cost being too high.

If you have such a high regulatory cost at each step, One thing the industry can't have and expect to expand their market is the distributor level.

Personally, I disagree with you about the admin costs. And many that have responded do also. This is not mystery paperwork that requires a lawyer to do. There is a time delay that affects stocking. But around here when you buy a suppressor you pay for it at the time of purchase, not time of delivery.

I think I read where in this thread you charge $150-$200 for a sparrow? They are $500 here, I can't find a discount. The market here must support $500 cans being sold at sufficient volume to support them being worthwhile for dealers to carry.

If suppressors were $350 all in I would have a trust and several already. And i am nowhere near alone. But here, one, with just fingerprints and sign-off is going to push $850-$900 and take a just about a year between CLEO and atf. That requires dedication. Selling something most consider over-priced for what it is does not instill dedication. And I'm not talking about the atf fee, most of us feel like the fee is nothing anyone has any chance to change at this time. It's fixed and a bitter pill. It's the cost of the product it's self that is not instilling the desire to make the commitment to the process.

You have 6 pages of people telling you why, and you trying to convince. Maybe consider a little believing us mixed in with the convincing. They are over-priced, and we aren't buying.
Great point.

Wyosmith also had excellent explanations of the McDonald's principle, which I can also relate it to the current Walmart Principle.

Cost is one of the biggest factors in buying anything. Quality is usually second. Why? because most people don't have the budget to afford expensive items. Most people being like 99% (that's a rough estimate).

out of all the shooters I know, I think only 1 person out of 100 has a suppresor. Even a 'wealthy' friend of mine who owns 3 BMW's and a Noveske AR15 (look it up if you don't know about Noveske) does not have a suppresor.

The hassle and cost of it just does not justify buying one. If it did, I'd be the first in line to buy one and won't mind a 6month wait. But paying $600 for just the suppresor does not make sense for an average individual.

If they applied the McDonald's approach and sold them for say $200, there would be more interest in suppresors and more shooters will buy them.

For specificity sake, I'm talking about an AR15 suppressor: 300AAC BLK which costs $600. It's a very versatile suppressor which can be used for 7.62 and 5.56/223 caliber rifles.
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