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Originally Posted by Theohazard View Post
I can try to persuade them, but in the end there's no right or wrong on that subject. All I can say is be careful, once you start shooting with good silencers you're going to want to buy as many as you can afford!


I respect your passion but I an curious as to why you feel the need to persuade? A silencer would never be nothing more than a "fun" thing for me. And it is impossible for them to be more fun than a Single Action revolver in 45 colt. Give me smoke and thump any day.

I have no doubt that a SAA revolver is the best thing you can spend your money on, but I doubt you will agree or care, so I just accept that. Like you said there is no right or wrong. Keep enjoying them, and like the poster above, if I do decide to get into them I know who to come to with my questions

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