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Originally Posted by robmints
I don't even know how I got involved in this. I just signed up to research a shotgun for my son. Well, at least I feel like I made a couple of new friends. Theo, I think we agree more than disagree. We are just looking at it from different sides. I will add that while being sort of suppressor negative on this thread, every gun I have bought over the last several years has been the threaded version given a choice. And I know who I am seeking out for advise when the time comes to purchase.
Welcome to TFL, my friend; I just realized you're a new member here. Yeah, I agree with almost everyone in this thread except on one matter of opinion; I think the high price of silencers is worth it and many others don't. But that's just personal preference; I can try to persuade them, but in the end there's no right or wrong on that subject. All I can say is be careful, once you start shooting with good silencers you're going to want to buy as many as you can afford!

Originally Posted by Willie Lowman
Theo talks about marking old cans down to get rid of them. I feel like I missed out on a deal. There are plenty of old suppressors I would be happy to own. (The SPR/M4 especially)
Don't worry, Willie, that can wasn't one of them! And if it had been it wouldn't have lasted long at all. I wish AAC had never discontinued it, it's even quieter than an M4-2000; and the M4-2000 is one of the quietest cans on the market.

I guess there's just not as much demand for reflex cans anymore. Slip-over mounts don't fit on some barrels and the cans themselves are heavier. But I have a buddy who has one and another buddy who has two, and man are they quiet!
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