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According to the sheriff, the gun is not listed in the NCIC. So, it was either not entered or entered incorrectly. I am offering a reward for the return of the gun, twice it's value, no questions asked. With regards to ownership, I have all the capture documents and export licenses that go with this gun. This is a foreign made non-import with no manual safety. Without the capture documents, you have a very weak case of ownership. That paperwork is the link of how the weapon made it from Vietnam into the United States. This paperwork has my dad's name and ssn# all over it. My name happens to be the same as my dad's. I don't think I would have trouble proving my dad's ownership, or even mine for that matter. I'm sure most collectors would be willing to work out a deal to get the gun back to the rightful owner in possession of the capture documents. Thanks for the replies and please feel to pass along the info to any and all collectors you think may have or had similar guns, especially ones without the capture papers.
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