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Originally Posted by robmints
Personally, I disagree with you about the admin costs. And many that have responded do also. This is not mystery paperwork that requires a lawyer to do.
No, but it helps add to the overall costs. More work goes in to selling a suppressor on every level when compared to selling a normal firearm.

Originally Posted by robmints
I think I read where in this thread you charge $150-$200 for a sparrow? They are $500 here, I can't find a discount. The market here must support $500 cans being sold at sufficient volume to support them being worthwhile for dealers to carry.
No, we charge $450 for a Sparrow. $150-$200 was our below-cost price on our old overstocked .22 cans.

Originally Posted by robmints
You have 6 pages of people telling you why, and you trying to convince. Maybe consider a little believing us mixed in with the convincing. They are over-priced, and we aren't buying.
I think you're misunderstanding me, also. Of course they're overpriced for many people. I understand that. I'm not disputing that. I'm simply saying that they're overpriced due to the way the BATFE regulations affect the market overall, not because the companies are all working together to screw us.

And that's basically what Wyosmith was saying. He claimed he never said that, but if he's right how else would the prices stay so high? If it would be so easy for a company to swoop in and make cheap cans that everyone wanted to buy and therefore corner the market, why hasn't someone already done it? There are only two possible answers I can think of: Either there's an industry-wide conspiracy keeping any company from doing that, or it's just not possible in today's silencer market.
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