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Relax, my friend. I'm not emotional at all, I'm simply engaging in a discussion with you.

I asked the question. I got a lot of good answers.

I agree with almost all of them; I agree prices are high for what you're getting. I agree that all the costs involved are often prohibitive. I simply disagree with your assertion that a company could come in and corner the market by offering super-cheap suppressors.

Originally Posted by Wyosmith
When the price gets too high the majority of buyers do not buy, leaving only the small percentage to support the whole of the industry. That's exactly where the suppressor industry is today.

You seem to keep missing that point.
I understand your point. And my point is this: Due to the fees and effort involved in buying a silencer ($200 transfer tax; hundreds of dollars for a trust or the pain of getting fingerprinted, photographed, and signed off by local law enforcement; the very long wait; the fact that the silencer is only registered to them and selling it is very difficult), the cost of the core product itself is much less important than in other other industries.

A lot of people here are mentioning the cost. Well, even if a company managed to cut prices drastically, there would still be those extra costs and hassles to deal with, costs and hassles that the company has absolutely no control over; it's much harder for a manufacturer to pass on savings to the consumer when a large percentage of the total cost is completely out of their control due to regulation.

Your business model would make PERFECT sense if silencers were regulated like any other firearm, or at least they were a little easier to get. But they're not.

If nothing changes involving the BATFE, eventually prices will still come down. Inflation will cause the $200 tax to be worth less, and manufacturing costs will go down. We're in the middle of a silencer arms race, with companies constantly making their silencers quieter, more versatile, stronger, lighter, and (for rimfire and pistol silencers) easier to disassemble. Once this arms race settles down, smaller companies with much smaller R&D budgets will be able to compete more with the bigger guys. And prices will go down as a result.

Originally Posted by Wyosmith
It takes a person of unusually high integrity to step out and make a product for an honest price when it's easy to charge more. Such people do exist, but they are rare.

Apparently there are NONE of them in the US suppressor industry, who are in a position to make the decision to make cans at an affordable price and thereby own the market.
This is where you lose me. If this were possible given the state of the industry today, it would have happened already.
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