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Your quote.---
"But I disagree with your assertion that the prices are too high simply because the manufacturers have joined together to keep them artificially high."

You are arguing out of nothing but emotion now.
It’s not "my assertion"
I never said that
I never even thought that.
I never wrote anything like that.

You wrote that.

I do understand economics pretty well. Greed is inherent to the quest of money.
No conspiracy is needed. If you can sell what you make for 1000 and it's truly only worth 100 that just means there are foolish people out there. What the market will bear is what levels the price on any given class of product.

When the price gets too high the majority of buyers do not buy, leaving only the small percentage to support the whole of the industry. That's exactly where the suppressor industry is today.

You seem to keep missing that point.

It takes a person of unusually high integrity to step out and make a product for an honest price when it's easy to charge more. Such people do exist, but they are rare.

Apparently there are NONE of them in the US suppressor industry, who are in a position to make the decision to make cans at an affordable price and thereby own the market.

Read that last line again Theo.

It is the answer to your question---- “I'll ask you again: As popular as silencers have become recently, why hasn't any company come forward yet and capitalized on your proposed business model of offering super-cheap silencers to all those people who are put off by the current high prices? The answer is simple: They just can't get them low enough to appeal to those people and still survive as a company.”

It’s actually quite simple
Again go back and re-read all my answers in this thread. All of your points have been answered quite well already.

You say “you seem awfully convinced that you know those reasons better than I do.”
Yes Theo, I do believe I know those reasons. I may be wrong, but you have not successfully answered even one of my counterpoints so far.

I do see that you failed to list the exact taxes and burdened that cause the hassle to be worth so much extra money to EACH customer and the exact laws (copy and paste them pleas) that MAKES the manufacturer charge so much. I have worked with high order explosives in the past and those laws exist for them. As I said, it took us about 3 hours a week (60 hour week I might add) to jump through those hoops, but I can tell you we didn’t have to charge each and every drill hold an extra chunk of money to do out job. It was just part of the job.

Theo, you seem to be making this a personal debate between you and I, and frankly, I don’t think it’s something I need to do or want to do. I don’t have a dog in the fight. I don’t own a can. I don’t think I ever will. I know I never will at the prioces that are currently being charged and I don’t care if anyone else spends their money on cans, beer, football, golf and anything else.

These are MY answers.

I seem to read a LOT of others that have posted here that agree with me too. Are you mad at them for having an opinion?

Your quote again;
“you seem awfully convinced that you know those reasons better than I do.”
I leave this to you and the other that read here with this last statement.
If you know all about the suppressors and ALL about the marketing of them, why did you ask the question in the first place?
I am going to leave now. I wish you a good business and a good life, but this is not going anywhere that is going to help anyone so I’ll leave you and the other gentlemen to beat this horse as and when you will.
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