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Stolen/Lost Vietnam bring back of my dad's

Just trying to get this info on as many boards/forums as possible. I am trying to track down my dad's long lost (actually stolen in or around 1982) war trophy pistol. It is a Chinese/CHICOM Type 54/K-54 Tokarev 7.62x25mm semi-auto pistol. The serial # 13000041 dates it to early 1966. The factory # 66 is also on the frame next to the manufacture date and serial #. The serial # should also be on the top rear slide beneath three chinese characters. There are no import stamps and no manual safety. My dad brought it back in 1971. Again, it was stolen from my childhood home in Spruce Pine, NC when I was around 12-13 years- old (1982). A police report was taken at the time, but cannot be found now by either my family or the local sheriff in that town, as it was so far back and the local police department that took the report is now defunct. They also made a huge error, that has resulted in the gun still being unrecovered. Thanks to the current sheriff, I found out that the gun's serial # is not in the NCIC database. Apparently, it was not entered by the local police at the time of the original report. Yes, those are huge obstacles to overcome now. However, I do have all the original capture documentation that goes with the gun, as they were passed down to me when my dad passed a few years ago, as would have the gun, had it not been stolen. My dad promised it to me shortly before it was stolen, which just adds to the sentimental value of the gun. I am offering a reward of twice the value of the gun, no questions asked. Hopefully, it has landed in the hands of a collector, who would be open to returning it to the original owner's family, in return for the reward, along with the satisfaction of returning a long lost gun to a son trying to get back something that meant the world to his dad. I know it is a long shot at best, but please pass along this info to any and all dealers/collectors that you know that might have had or have a similar gun without the capture paperwork. Until I can get the gun info in the NCIC database (which I am working hard at getting done) the internet and dealers/collectors are my only ray of hope of recovering this gun. Thanks.

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