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Hollow Points are considered illegal in Jersey, though the law allows you to possess them in your home, or at the range. Whether or not you would be charged with the use of illegal ammo if used for home defense, has yet to be answered. Many NJ LEOs and Prosecutors think that hollow points are totally illegal, and don't understand the "home & range" exemptions.

Just to be safe, I use the Federal EFMJ ammo in my 9mm & .40 home defense guns. I haven't tried the .45 yet, but I hope to pick some up shortly. I've fired around 500 rounds of this ammo, and am very impressed. All my autos feed it flawlessly, and accuracy is close to match grade. It may not expand as well as some top of the line personal defense hollow points, but it's sure better than FMJ.

Even if hollow points where legal in this state, I may still use the EFMJ, due to it's reliable feeding, and extreme accuracy. If the .45 feeds as well as the others do, it may be the answer to finicky 1911s.
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