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Be aware that Illinois is a virtual minefield of traps for the carrier. You can be legal in one block, illegal in the next due to school proximity, 'safe zones', (which means that only bangers can carry there), etc.
Their set of restrictions reads like a book of lawyerese that I believe will even trip lawyers. I'll continue to avoid that state for now.
Sir, you really have no idea what you are talking about. The law is not perfect but it is not as bad you claim it to be. The “safe zones” you are speaking of do not apply to someone that is “legally” carrying. Please read the law before you post about it.

The ban on carry on public transit is the single biggest "gotcha" and is clearly set up to limit carrying among those too poor to own a car.
That is correct. The sad part is that this will only affect a portion of the population (lower income) that needs to be able to carry. If you ride a train or bus in Chicago, your chances of being victimized are drastically increased IMO. I believe this is going to be one of the fist things that we try to fix or correct come the new legislative session.
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