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SKN, I follow your point, and agree that it's certainly not for the average home owner who has to shoot at a couple of Bad Guys in self-defense.

There's always a bit of a dichotomy when on subjects such as this. It is generally more likely that the relatively few people (at sites like TFL) who discuss this sort of thing are serious about developing a fairly high level of skill, compared to the average guy who doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about it.

I guess I take it for granted that the folks here will strive for superior levels of skill.

At the 1982 IPSAC World Match in South Africa, four individuals were tied for top scores. The shoot-off had three IPSC targets at five yards. When the buzzer sounded, there was a 1.5-second interval before it sounded again; three head shots were required. First round, a four-way tie. Ross Seyfried finally won...

So: Can one stop and aim and shoot, etc., and still hit three targets in 1.5 seconds? I think not.

I can't match the "Top Guns", but I can train and try to emulate a Seyfried or a McCormick.

, Art
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