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I absolutely agree that lead and follow-through are a necessity for a moving target(s) but alas, I remain unconvinced that the same holds true for addressing dual/multiple _stationary_ adversaries. I honestly believe, based on my observations and experience with stationary multiples, that failing to stop the gun to align or index will cause it to overswing or underswing and either push the shot(s) off in the direction of traverse or cause them to fall short of the intended target in the path of traverse.

I don't rule out the possibility that an accomplished shootist, who is skilled at that technique, would be able to 'bracket' the first target with a string of trigger presses and hit with one or perhaps more of that string. I just don't think the average pistolero will meet with much success in trying it.

I fear the result then may be, at best peripheral hits on the adversary which are insufficient to cause the termination of their lethal conduct and, at worst complete misses which at the conclusion must still be accounted for.

My 0-2's worth.
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