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As far as baiting, it works but they usually won't set a pattern as to when they come in. They come when they get hungry. It may be midnight and it may be 4am. But you can sneak in early in the morning before day light with the wind in your face and wait for enough light to see the pile.
Calling is not very successful over a bait pile. They all are well fed and do not have to risk taking a meal from another animal.
Sometimes coyote vocals can spark a territorial battle but you need to study the vocals and their meanings. A few to many barks mixed in and a challenge becomes a warning!
I would suggest doing a bit of scouting and finding where they are going and why they are going there. They will almost always use the path of least resistance. That is usually a cattle or game trail that will be visible. Find these and then find a spot where you have a good upwind view of the trial and a nice opening. Put the call and a decoy, either a manufactured one or a feather on a string, out in the opening where you have a nice view of the downwind side as well if possible.
Call for about a minute or so and the watch for movement for a few minutes.
Start with a lower volume and increase a bit each calling sequence.
I do this for 20-30 minutes on a stand.
The biggest thing is sitting still! Coyotes have keen eye sight and can pick up a mouse moving from a long ways off! Our head looking back and forth is like the wind sock man used for advertisement at a big sale!
Scan with your eyes and not your head!
Good luck and take pictures!
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