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Coyote hunting help?

We have a pretty bad coyote infestation, we own livestock and a lot of small dogs so I don't want the things anywhere around, I also have a bit of a grudge against them for attacking pets within 100 feet of me or family members. I want to use the most efficient way of thinning the numbers on the property, I can't use foot traps because of two very large great Pyrenees that like to roam the woods, Ive heard coyotes are in general too smart for cage traps, and while I do have an electric call I want the best chance at them I can get.

I am thinking of baiting a spot for a couple weeks to find out where they are active and sitting close by and calling a couple in. I am kind of curious what coyotes will eat though, I am thinking of using tree squirrel or rabbits as bait, but I may also try to possum hunt.
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