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Art Eatman

Would you not agree sir that 'speed is fine but accuracy is final' and in order to put hits on more than one adversary, whatever the orientation to the shooter, one must:

1) move the gun,

2) stop the gun to align the sights or index the gun on the target, then

3) press the trigger before moving on to the next target ?

By simply sweeping across one target enroute to another while pressing the trigger without stopping, however momentarily to align the sights or to index the weapon on target, even more motion is introduced to the weapon which is bound to throw the shot astray. Or, is it your intention that the round(s) directed at the first adversary are to simply 'rattle' or suppress their ability to shoot at you? Is your 'draw and pray' the equivalent of 'spray and pray'?

As to the point of this thread, I'd put rounds on the 9 o'clock subject first, since by my stepping forward, they become the target closest to my gun and that movement allows me to start to gain the advantage of mobility. As Art pointed out, moving can make me harder for him and his compadre to hit.

I would not however, sacrifice the combination of accuracy and mobility by going to ground or falling backward without some tangible benefit, availing myself of cover as an example. In the end, I agree with Art's concluding thought, whatever it takes to win the engagement and live is the only matter of importance. It's just that I see that outcome more likely by shooting accurately and quickly while maintaining mobility.
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