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420,you edited your post.I was going to request "Get over it,please,thank you"

We are a polite society here,aren't we?

Now,to answer your question:I'm not sure what your point is.I read it as the OP wanted a .308 class as he wanted to reach out farther than the 223 class rifles.

He did list the 16 in SOCOM M1A.That is a particular rifle.Do you think a SOCOM16 is a particularly good selection for the OP's needs?Would a SOCOM16 be competitive with a Knight SR-25 at the specified longer ranges without taking the receiver and turning it into a completely different rifle?Or are you saying the M-14 based creations in 308 with a 1 in 10 twist and a 24 in barrel are effective at longer ranges than a 1 in 10 in twist 24 in bbl AR-10?

Sure,you are as welcome as anyone.Glad you are here!It just seemed you were getting a bit testy with Bart and pushing the M1A package pretty hard.

I decided to play,too.All in good fun,420,no need to get wedgied up.

Ever listen to a flathead ford V-8 with Hi-Comp heads and a couple of Stromberg 97's on it wind up?My old 53 Ford pickup sure did sound pretty with that chwaaaaAAAgh carb noise.It would go a hundred.Crash box 4 speed,no synchros,clutch optional.
And,instead of a Harley,I rode a Triumph...3 cylinder,Big D cycles 860 cc kit.
Its all good...just toys,we are having fun.

Now,while it is no longer offered by Armalite,the previously mentioned Ar-10 in addition to .308,is equipt with an optional Armalite's .300 RSAUM upper...two pins,away we go.Seems like about 2800 with 200 gr bullets,2950 with 180's.Longer range.

But it just does not matter.AR-10 or M-14,both just plug up one end of the barrel .And they are both fine rifles.

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