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Everything you ever wanted to know about these rifles is here:

I found a few stripper clips for sale online and they are about $50 Each. That is a bit odd since the rifles themselves aren't particularly valuable.

Even odder still, the rifles aren't that valuable even though only less than 200K of these were produced between 1900 and 1950. It was designated "Model 8" around 1906.

The lowest priced examples of these guns are the ones with the side mounted scopes. The scope mounts for these look like an abomination in the first place. An otherwise good rifle that has/had a scope mounted to it can be had for well under $500. I just saw one at a gun show for $250. Most of the really nice examples of these rifles in "Shooter/hunting" condition are between $500 & $1,000. That just seems like a small price for a unique firearm with limited production, that hasn't been produced in 64 years.
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