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Thanks for clearing that up but my point was not about steel cased ammo . I stand buy what I'm willing to except with a few of my firearms regardless of what ammo I use . Keeping the chamber very clean , lubing the cases , counting one-one thousand between shots and a 5% or at least once per mag fail rate is not good enough for me . To be honest I have not shot much steel out of any of my ARs . Maybe a couple hundred rounds so I may have the very same issue as you I just have not shot it enough to notice .

Anyways I did not mean to come off sounding jerk-ish . It's just that I hate when anything goes wrong with a firearms I'm shooting . Sling not working or attached right , something comes loose etc etc . If the gun stops working all together , well that makes me want to put it deep in the back of the safe never to see the light of day again . I have a Jennings 22lr pistol that Never comes out because it fails way to much unless I shoot CCI stingers out of it .
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