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Armalite AR-10 T $1914

SR-420...I get it that you have a passion for the M1A/M14 platform.No problem.

I like all of the old battle rifles.I like my Garand.I like my 1903A4 clone.

Enjoy your passion!I don't want to rain on your parade.

I notice you set your M-1A's up to be as near as you can get to an AR layout,pistol grip,straight line stock,the wood is replaced with aluminum and plastic

So,to get the trigger of an AR-10(
lets put in a Gisselle or Jewell for another $230...can you get there?)),and to get a serious optic mount the AR flattop,how much do you have to spend?

How much will it weigh?

I've said before,its the Harley of rifles.Thats not a bad thing.

But I know something about a AR-10 T with a 20 in fluted NM Kreiger bbl and an M1 Leupold mil-dot with a Gisselle trigger and Daniel defense rail.

It shoots.And it has been shooting long enough the original Badger cut rifled barrel was loosening up to 2 in to 2 1/2 in groups at 300 yds(at around 6000 rds),so brother rebarreled it.Its better than ever now.It does not malfunction,and nothing is broken or worn out.

For about $2600 here is a fancied up DPMS,Its 9.75 lbs

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