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CTS Power Trimmer

Apologies for it taking me so long to reply to this thread about my trimmer.

It is made by cts-engineering and you can reach him at [email protected].

I am not affiliated in any way and never met the gentlemen in person but I have spoken with him many times on the phone about the trimmer and some headspace gauges I got from him that is also top notch. There are a lot of companies that could benefit from this companies customer service, it to was excellent.

I am not here to knock anyone else's product because they all are good but what you must know is they all serve a different purpose. Right now I have a WFT, Possom, Wilson, and Lee Trimmers and they are all very good products. I needed something easier on the hands and with a new bench I just recently finished building I left space for a Giraud. But I struggled with the price of it, then found this product online and reached out for pricing and I knew right away it was for me. Professional grade materials at the right price. So far I have trimmed 223, 308 and 300blk out on it and I must say it is the first time I have had a smile on my face the entire session of trimming especially with over 2000 223 cases trimmed at a single sitting.

I will be finishing up the review with pictures on my website today

Stop by my website and leave comments there to let me know what you think of this trimmer.
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