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On a short, stiff barrel, any weight added to its muzzle will cause bullets to leave at a different point in its muzzle vertical swing axis. If that's a better place for the bullets to leave for accuracy way down range, then fine.

It's the weight on the muzzle that does that as it makes the "barrel" longer and whip at a different frequency and amplitude. Baffles in sound supressors have nothing to do with how the barrel's resonant and harmonic multiple frequencies numbers change nor its whip amplitudes change.

The claim states the baffles make bullets shoot straighter. That's what I'm disputing. People have been putting "tuner" weights on barrel muzzles on everything from .22 rimfire on up through centerfire calibers. Moving them back and forth changes the barrel's whip frequencies so the bullets leave at a slightly different muzzle vertical axis angle.

As quick as a bullet leaves a short barrel, it probably leave while the muzzle axis is on the downswing from its high point at the top; bad for long range accuracy. If the barrel's whip frequency can be lowered, the bullet will leave at the same time, but while the muzzle's on its upswing near the top of its arc; best for long range accuracy.
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