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I'll bite.
First,congratulations!!I bought a special about a year ago.I'm happy.Great value.

There is a good book by Hatcher on the Garand.I recommend it.Paperback its $20 something.Try Midway and e-bay.

If you dig around on youtube(if you have problems,ask,I'll find the links) you can find the USGI WW2 Garand marksmanship training films.They are a pretty good training course.They do teach the old belly to the ground prone.There is a newer "Estonian" prone that is accepted as better.Its rolled over on one side with a knee drawn forward.But,WW2 style is not wrong.

Also,on youtube,you can search "Garand web sling"

You might be lucky enough to find a CMP Garand clinic within a few hours drive.Go.

Ammo...No commercial or handloads to hunting specs.

You must feed a Garand ammo that has a pressure curve to match the gas system a Garand was designed for.Slower powder high performance bolt action loads will produce too much gas pressure at the port and bend your op rod.

Generally speaking,that would be bullets between 147 and 175 grains ,powder in the 4895/4064 burn range,and 2600 ish velocities.Search "30-06 Garand loads" and you will find a web page "MasterPo's NRA Garand loads"

It will give you what you need.

Ka ching!

Oh,search "M-1 thumb" on you tube.Its an experince you would prefer to miss!
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