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As a right-hander, in a real-world deal where I had no choice but draw and pray, I'm turning left, correct? I'd *have* to sweep past the 9 o'clock to get to the 7 o'clock--which is foolish.

Anytime you engage targets which are not in front of you, the pistol never stops moving. You don't sweep, stop, fire, sweep, stop, fire. It's sweep, fire, continue the sweep, fire...That's why you practice imagined scenarios. You add in such things as dropping to the ground while shooting, to spoil the opponents' aim; or fall backwards out of sight (if possible) while drawing...It doesn't hurt to make whiny noises and yowl "Please don't shoot me!" while doing this, of course...(Unless they're looking the other way, in which case you're silent as the little mouse until you fire the first shot.)

Whatever is needed to stay alive is the only important factor. I don't give a hoot how they do it in Hollywood.

, Art
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