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Just a suggestion. If intending to hunt with a 30 carbine and its shooter doesn't have confidence in his or perhaps the rifles ability. Best not to take one afield under those circumstances.

I remember a time in the past when my father at the age of 82 was still hunting deer here in Northern MN. He loved his little paratroopers 30 carbine because of its lightness in carrying and its handy dandy folding wire stock. {although he did have a 300 Savage at home also.} At that time we two were involved with many of the farming neighbors and our friends in making Post & Drives. For many years our family's did that type of hunting together. Dear old dad by that age was too old to walk the woods anymore because of his bad knee's. And was always given a stand/post not far from the parked vehicles whenever possible. {which no doubt pleased him.} My Father was one of those fellows no matter where you put him He'd see deer. They'd just go to him like being magnetized. {Fishing with him was the same way.}

On one occasion I was deliberately Posted in a tree stand not far down the line from Pop's (maybe 75 yards away) My keeping an eye on him standing on the ground and watching my own area was the plan. I seen a (driven) fawn break thru the brush edge and it was defiantly high-balling across an open hay field right towards that old gent. All of a sudden He opened fired on that little deer when it was near too running him over. 18 rds he touched off in that 30-Carbine while that deer danced around 50 feet or so directly in front of him. In the wide open too. With the last round fired and his noting that Carbines action was locked open. Not having a spare clip. That flustered old fellow lowered his rifle looked at that little Brown fellow and shook his fist at it. While the deer stood there and simply looked at back at him also. I was laughing so hard I actually teared up and darn near fell backwards out of my stand. [I ended up shooting the deer for him but didn't tell anyone I did]_ {well you know all that shooting is gone'a garner attention from everyone evolved.}_ When we skinned it later that same evening. I counted 9 holes in that little feller. {in all the wrong places it shouldn't be shot.} Near everyone in the party stood and watched its skinning in my fathers garage that evening. (11 guys and a couple wives I counted too) As it was and entertaining moment with an unbelievable amount of teasing directed towards my dad who's newly labeled name {typically for that one season only} was "Deer PoP'er Patty." Somehow in good humor and behavior he managed to endure that evening in the hunting shack afterwards and all those other evenings that followed till the end of that years deer season.

The following year the Friday night before season starting. We all together enjoying the evening after a (fresh pot roast of camp meat) B/S'ing and having a few beers & Jameson bumps in our parties hunting shack. One of the party members. (boss guy) walked up and gave his best friend a wrapped present. The room went totally quiet at that moment. With enthusiasm my Father opened his well wrapped in Christmas paper present. A brand new 30 rd G.I. banana clip was discovered. My fathers 2-word Irish tempered comment couldn't be controlled at that moment and filled the room. I don't dare post it here other than its last word >~~~~Y'all!!
Just another one of those unforgotten humorous moment I've managed not to forget so far. And one I thought I would share.
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