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Originally Posted by Wreck-n-Crew
But I wonder if time among different people with different views might eventually sway their viewpoint. Food for thought.
It's anecdotal at best, but there was a thread on the PAFOA (Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association) forum a few months ago that addressed this exact scenario. Seems a family from somewhere in New York state (not NYC) bought a house in Pennsylvania (not Philadelphia, but I don't remember where) and were then SHOCKED to see neighbors walking around with (GASP!) guns on their hips. (Except for Philadelphia, PA is an unlicensed open carry state.) The newcomers raised quite a stink, telling everyone they had moved to Pennsylvania to get away from (GASP!) guns. (Clearly did NOT do their due diligence in choosing where to relocate.) They got the neighborhood all riled up, and within less than a year sold the house and removed themselves from the uncivilized wilds of suburban Pennsylvania.

You can take the kid out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the kid.
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