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You should try International then where the max allowed is 24 grams (about 7/8), the targets are physically harder as they are thrown 50% faster (63 versus 42mph) and yet when they reduced the payload from 28 to 24 grams, the scores went UP. Scores have gone up from folks switching to 7/8 and 1 oz from 1-1/8 on skeet, sporting clays FITASC, International trap, International skeet, etc. Only US trap allows a heavy payload and most of those folks have real nasty flinches resulting in the use of release triggers.

I know one All American, now 70, who shot trap for about 50 years and now shoots sporting clays. he uses a Beretta gas gun, heavily weighted to almost 9 pounds and he still needs a release trigger due to flinches from years of max trap loads. If you center your shot, then you do not need that extra punishment to the shoulder.
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