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Yep - I guess we just disagree. You and your friends are very respectable shooters. Averaging mid 90's is plenty good!

But I do agree - there is evidence of better patterns with 1oz than with 1.125 oz.

I do shoot ATA registered birds, but I have tapered off in the last couple years. I am reminded of a quote from one of the big dogs (either Phil Kiner or Harlan Campbell JR, don't remember which), who was asked why he shoots 1 1/8 oz loads. His answer - "because I am not allowed to shoot 1 1/4 oz!"

I know 100's of competitive trap shooters, and the ones scoring the best and winning tourneys are throwing as much lead as they are legally allowed.

But I do also know lots of guys shooting 1oz and they score okay and are having fun. Nothing wrong wrong with that, especially for the casual shooter.


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