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The question is: will this make him think twice about his policies? I'd like to think so, but Colorado Governor Hickenloper barely blinked when Magpul left the state, taking over $100 million of the economy with them.
And he looks to be re-elected according to the polls which is a shame.

Twenty years ago the thought of Virginia becoming Anti-A2 state was laughable. Not so funny now!

I think they are looking at the long term trending of Va. getting more and more populated with DC leftovers, and how gun friendly a state will continue to be several years from now.
Makes since. Where people grow up plays a big part in how they view things which is why more Cities are anti-gun and most everywhere else pro-gun (for the most part). When City Folk move to the suburbs or country, they generally take their view with them. But I wonder if time among different people with different views might eventually sway their viewpoint. Food for thought.

I don't think that is going to happen at all. The only reason we have McAuliffe as a governor elect is because the radical right wing of the Republican party hijacked the party and changed the nominating rules so they could get their extreme candidate nominated. If they had not changed the nominating rules and had a primary, the other potential candidate would have won and taken the governorship in a walk. The national Republican party was also part of the cause of the loss. The shutdown impacted a large number of government workers and military who live in Virginia.
Just as many people may not share your view. Just a word of caution on political posting, steer clear!
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