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Aside from our latest Governor, Virginia has gone for Obama in the last two elections, and we have two U.S. Senators who would love to say to Diana Feinstein, "Count me among your fifty-one," but they haven't quite dared yet because they value their jobs more than their principles which are unfortunately very much against individual liberties.

In my part of Virginia, Southwest Virginia, a recent Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates proclaimed that he had a concealed weapons license, and he dressed his children up in camouflage for one of his political ads, but he still lost by a 2 to 1 margin because he supported Obama.

By area Virginia is dramatically pro-Second Amendment, but the urban populations increase at a greater rate than the rural populations. It's the same story nationally. If we can't convince the people who live in urban areas that the concepts of individual rights have a place in an urban environment, then its a matter of time before our cause is finished
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