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Two stories involving the carbine.. from some fellows I used to work with...

One guy had been a SeaBee (CB) in the Pacific. Some island with a name he couldn't remember...clearing for an airstrip. Japanese sniper in a palm tree. Potting shots at the guys and the dozer. They shoot back with carbines. Sniper scurries to the other side of the tree. This goes on for a while. The sniper hadn't hit anyone, yet, but he was getting close...

Along comes a lanky marine with a thick southern accent, a cheek full of chew, and a BAR..."Y'all got a problem?"

BAR gunner dumps "half a clip" into the top of the tree. Rifle falls to the ground, and sniper falls to the end of his rope. Problem.. solved.

the other story comes from a friend who was a telephone lineman, in Korea. He said he liked the carbine, but he never had to shoot anyone with it. He hated the winter, (not just for the cold), but because they took away his carbine in winter and made him carry an M1 Garand, which he said weighed at least twice as much...

I have seen a lot of people here on the web in recent years saying how the .357 is either marginal or not enough for deer. I never found that to be the case, myself. If you are one of those who thinks the .357 isn't enough, then the .30 carbine is out.

Personally, I think that if you could humanely do it with a .357 pistol, you could do it with an M1 carbine, if it was necessary. I wouldn't choose the carbine for deer as a first choice though.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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