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My oldest son bought me a combo red dot and flashlight for my pump shotgun. he has laughed at my rubber banded led flashlight for the past couple of years. the opossums I have assasinated on my property didn't laugh, but now I can light them up and red dot them before I say something prophetic like "Say hello to my little friend!"

I also got a Gamo Silent Cat .177 caliber pellet rifle. Silent death to the infidel smaller garden pests!

From my number 2 son I got a a boxed set of books called "America's Premier Gunmakers." The set covers Colt, Browning, Remington, and Winchester. Lots of histry and some very interesting pictures.

Not directly gun related but it may come in handy for some gun work I received an entire set of acessory bits for my Dremel tool.

I also got a JawHorse portable vice that has possibilities to be adapted to a gun rest for siting in rifles.

Santa was good to my grand daughter and managed to bring her a 525 round box of Federal .22lr. She is an avid shooter and owns one of the Cricket .22lr rifles.

I hope you all had great Christmases with lots of family and friends and good times!

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