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Lol you are right about the magazine tube sir....I did that very thing half loading it this afternoon First time I've loaded more than 5 rounds. the last 3 popped out of the magazine and while levering them up to be chambered, I noticed them seemed to be coated in what looked like lithium grease So a stout mag tube scrubbing is in order.


The only thing is with the shorts is, while they load and eject (still live) just fine. If I put more than three in the magazine, they all shoot out past the cartridge stop and jam up the action like you wouldn't believe when the lever is opened. The LRs seem to chamber fine, they just wont eject unfired without twisting the bullet.

I've had several conversations with both of you gentlemen on several topics. And I have determined both of you, have more knowledge and experience with these things in your pinky finger nails than I have in my entire body I will run through all suggestions and report back with results. thanks all for help thus far
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